Tuition & Scholarhsips

TUITION 2023-2024

  • Grades: Kindergarten - 8th: $7100/year or $710/month
  • Application fee: $100 per student
  • There are 10 tuition payments per school year, August - May. Payments are to be made by the 20th of every month.
    • If payments are made after the 20th of the month, at $25 late fee will be applied.  If more than one payment is late, the payee will need to appear before a financial committee member or the finance committee for review of their accounts.



ESA Universal Voucher

The Empowerment Scholarship Account Program is a universal program from the Department of Education in Arizona. Eligibility is based on your zip code, not income. Have your children's birth certificates and proof of address before applying here:

AAA Scholarship Foundation

Scholarships are available through several organizations, such as AAA Scholarship Foundation, which can cover up to $5600 per year, per child, for up to three years! Please stop in and see one of us ASAP.  In order to apply to our school, an application with AAA is to be submitted first. See below for "how to" videos on completing the online application for AAA.

If you are ineligible to receive the AAA Scholarship you can also apply for other State Tax Organizations (STO's) that we work with.  These include, but are not limited to the Arizona Adventist Tax Credit Scholarship and the Institute for Better Education (IBE) Scholarship.  If you would like more information on either of these organizations or to donate your Arizona Tax credit money to these organizations, please let us know.

If you are currently enrolled in our school, you can find the necessary information below for each of the scholarships.  Remember, you can apply for both of the scholarships listed below and be award financial scholarships from both of them.

Institute for Better Education (IBE).  

IBE is a Tucson-based STO that funnels your funds from your State Taxes to a local private school, such as ours.  If you would like to give, please visit  Click "Register."  Once you have filled out your information, you will be eligible to receive financial assistance through IBE.

Arizona Adventist Scholarships, Inc.

Like IBE the Arizona Adventist Scholarship STO works the same.  They are a Phoenix based Seventh-day Adventist Christian organization that works the same way.  If you would like to assistance from them, please fill out the necessary documents and bring them into our office ASAP.  You can find the documents below in PDF.  Please don't forget to fill out both forms.

AZ Adventist Scholarship info for Parents

AAA Scholarship Foundation How to videos







How to complete online application form and upload required documents:


We pray often that your child will not only be able to attend Saguaro Hills Seventh-day Adventist Christian School, but they will be able to do so without the financial burden that often comes with private Christian education.